The Distillers Preview ‘Coral Fang’

Perhaps the most marked difference between the Distillers ‘Sing Sing’ album and their latest ‘Coral Fang’, is the lyrics. “With this record, it’s more descriptive and more metaphoric, not as testimonial,” drummer Andy Granelli says of Armstrong’s songwriting. “I think that’s something that she wanted to do on purpose, just to kind of add to it being more like a soundscape kind of thing.” Savvy enough to know he’s uttered a word whose synonym is “pretentious” in the rock-critic lexicon, Granelli backpedals, telling Andrew Marcus of the Cleveland Scene: “When I say soundscape, I don’t mean it in a lame way. What I mean is adding to the melody and using cool words, making it interesting, but not necessarily making it make sense.” Read more.

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