The New Pornographers ‘Dancehall Domine’ Video

The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers are out with the music video to their new single ‘Dancehall Domine’. ‘Dancehall Domine’ is from the band’s new album ‘Brill Bruisers’, which is out now on Matador Records. The record is the highest charting album in the band’s career.

Of the video, made by Leblanc + Cudmore, Scott Cudmore states, “Sometimes I like watching the b-roll or behind the scenes or outtakes on DVDs and blu-rays… ‘Dancehall Domine’ is meant to feel like a whole bunch of those clips sort of strung together as if they’re taken from some fu**ed up Italian or French musical maybe. Or a bunch of fragments from films like that-thrillers, bad romances, in one case we’re clearly referencing Clouzot’s famous L’enfer tests. We even have the man himself in there!”

Watch it via YouTube below.

The New Pornographers ‘Your Hands (Together)’ Video

The New Pornographers are out with the video to their new single ‘Your Hands (Together)’, off the Canadian indie rock group’s fifth studio album ‘Together’, out now on Matador. Synth player Blaine Thurier tells Spinner bandmate A.C. Newman came up with the concept for the treatment. “Carl just thought that the guitar riff had that karate punch-kick feel,” Thurier explained. “It was his idea and we gathered some of the many talented people here in Vancouver and found some great locations. It was simple really.” Watch the clip below.

New Pornographers Complains Bad Radio Like Bush

The New Pornographers singer, songwriter and arranger Carl Newman caught up with Kenny Herzog of the Long Island Press that the group has no aspirations or expectations of finding their way to MTV or radio airwaves. “Now you just turn on the radio and it’s such complete sh** and you’re used to it,” Newman moaned. “It’s like so much in the world. People can complain about George W. Bush, but still sit back and go, ‘What are you gonna do?’ It’s the same thing; ‘Oh, there’s Sting on the radio, what are you gonna do?'”