The Futureheads ‘Radio Heart’ Video

The Futureheads are out with the video to their new single ‘Radio Heart’, off the Sunderland, England indie rock band’s forthcoming album ‘This Is Not The World’, out May 19th on their own label Nul Records. Watch it below.

Q&A With Futureheads Singer

Futureheads singer and guitarist Barry Hyde spoke with The Sun’s Something For The Weekend in a Q&A, where he was asked about criticism the band received for their self-titled debut effort being a bit gimmicky. “It was,” Hyde conceded. “We were really surprised at how it all went with the first album, to be honest. We didn’t really plan to sign to a major label, tour America five times and go to Japan and Australia. We were on this mad trip, thinking ‘What will happen next?’. It was a bit of a dream.” The full story at has since been archived.