Scott Stapp Sex Tape Lawsuit Tossed

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Friday night, “The Scott Stapp sex tape lawsuit has been completely thrown out of court. The woman who was suing refuses to reveal her identity to the public. Proving once again, absolutely nobody wants to be known as a Creed fan.”

Kid Rock Sex Video Blocked

Lawyers for Kid Rock and a California company have reached a tentative agreement extending a judge’s order to block release of a sex video featuring the rap-rocker as well as former Creed singer Scott Stapp.

Who Released The Scott Stapp Sex Tape?

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ Tivo monologue on Thursday night, “Scott Stapp, the former lead singer of Creed, is now saying that he thinks the recent release of his sex tape was meant to sabotage him. Don’t laugh. I think he’s right. I just found out who’s responsible for releasing the tape… Jesus. That’s right. Jesus doesn’t want Scott Stapp to succeed.”

Kid Rock AIM Interview Cut Short

Kid Rock took part in an AIM interview with AOL Radio’s PeteInMusic, who asked the rap-rocker about the leaked sex tape with former Creed singer Scott Stapp. “I don’t think people are upset about me getting b****,” he said. “And I don’t think people are upset about it being on videotape, but they’re pissed that I was hanging out with Scott Stapp.” The interview came to an abrupt end when Rock was asked if ex-lover Pamela Anderson had any good advice for situations like this. has since removed the transcript.

Scott Stapp Ribbed Over Sex Tape

Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Thursday night, “I’m gonna give you — and I know you’re here for this — your update on the latest — the sex tapes, Scott Stapp and Kid Rock, you know that story that has been going around? [Applause] Don’t applaud it. No, god no. [Light laughter] Apparently today, Scott Stapp said he suspects that the tape was released by somebody who doesn’t like him, and wants to see him fail. [Light laughter] So far, police have narrowed the suspects down to everybody. [Cheers and applause] … It’s gonna be a while. Questioning is taking way too long — talking to everybody. He actually thinks that somebody put out the tape deliberately to sabotage his career — the sex tape. I thought his solo album did that.”

Scott Stapp: Off The Hook On Public-Intoxication Charge

MTV News reports that on Tuesday, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office announced it will not be filing charges against the former Creed frontman for being intoxicated in public at Los Angeles International Airport on February 11th. “As many are aware, while en route to Hawaii for my honeymoon I was delayed at LAX. No charges have been filed by the L.A. county district attorney’s office, and for that I am appreciative,” Stapp remarked in a statement issued to the media. “I have said it before, but we all make mistakes, and the day will come soon enough where you no longer read of mine in the tabloids.” Read more.

Pam Anderson On Ex’s Sex With With Scott Stapp

Pamela Anderson tells The New York Post she was surprised by the recent emergence of a sex tape, circa 1999, starring ex-boyfriend Kid Rock, former Creed singer Scott Stapp, and four groupies. “I didn’t know guys did that, sit side by side getting blow jobs while they’re talking sports … ‘Hey, how bout those Red Sox’ … I can’t imagine I’d ever do that,” Anderson said. Kid Rock has sued in court to prevent Red Light District Videos from releasing the tape. “But the timing’s good,” Pam said. “He’s got a new record coming out.”

Kid Rock Gets Court To Block Sex Tape Sales

Reuters reports that Kid Rock has convinced a federal judge in Detroit to block a California company from selling or promoting a video showing him and former Creed singer Scott Stapp having sex with four women after a Miami concert.

Scott Stapp Mouths Off Behind Bars

TMZ reports that former Creed singer Scott Stapp continued his drunken behavior after his arrest a the LAX Airport on February 11th. The rocker continued his loud mouthing off behind bars, screaming for his lawyers upon arrival.