Blonde Redhead 4AD Session

Blonde Redhead did a 4AD Session recently, performing songs from their latest album ‘Penny Sparkle’. Watch the New York City rock trio performing ‘Love or Prison’, ‘Here Sometimes’, ‘Love Or Prison’, ‘Will There Be Stars’, ‘Oslo’ and ‘Not Getting There’ via YouTube below.

Blonde Redhead ‘Not Getting There’ Video

Blonde Redhead 'Not Getting There' music video
Blonde Redhead are out with the music video to their new single ‘Not Getting There’, off the New York City rock trio’s latest album ‘Penny Sparkle’, out now on 4AD. Watch the Timothy Saccenti directed video via YouTube below.

Blonde Redhead Aren’t Trying To Be Hard To Understand

Spencer Patterson of Las Vegas Weekly posed three questions to Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, including whether the New York indie rock act’s latest album ’23’ would edge the band toward a larger listening base. “I’ve stopped trusting myself in that aspect, because since, maybe, the second album [‘La Mia Vita Violenta’] I’ve always thought we made the most accessible record [laughs], but nobody ever agreed with me,” the singer said. “So I think my judgment is totally crooked. I’ve always thought, ‘I could hear this in the supermarket or in an elevator,’ and people will be like, ‘What? You’re so out there.’ But that’s how I feel about it. We’re certainly not trying to play music that’s hard to understand or experimental. I want to be really genuine.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Blonde Redhead Talk With ABC News Now

Lisa Ling of ABC News Now interviewed the guys from Blonde Redhead at Lollapalooza 2007, where they talked about life on tour going, what country they consider home given their transient upbringing, the reviews for ’23’ and the significance of the number, their fantasy sound, and more. Watch the interview, posted Tuesday (August 21), at

Blonde Redhead ’23’ Video

Blonde Redhead are out with the video to their new single ’23’, the title track to their recently released album. Watch it via YouTube below.

LA Weekly Detour Music Festival

Queens of the Stone Age, Beck, Blonde Redhead, The Elected, Redd Kross, and Of Montreal performed at the first annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival on October 7th on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

True Colors

The end result of Blonde Redhead’s latest effort ‘Misery is a Butterfly’ is something of a mystery even to the band. “It’s hard to say what influenced us for this album specifically because it’s so vast,” bassist Simone Pace tells Cincinnati CityBeat. “We were listening to Sigur Rós and some Cure records. It was a mix of things. We always want to do something different with every album, but this came pretty natural. It is a natural process we go through even though it’s very difficult, but I think there are other things to take into account whether the album is more dark or sad or lively or aggressive. We always think, ‘We’ve done this and this and this … let’s do something else.’ At the end, it’s really hard to fight what comes out of you. You don’t really have a choice. You just have to accept it. Even if you pretend to sound like somebody else or say, ‘Oh, God, I wish we wrote that song … can’t we write a song like that?’ It never works. You is always you. You may get fed up with you, but I think we did alright.”

The full story at has since been removed.