It’s About Sparta, Not At The Drive In

Angeles, Hajjar preempted any At The Drive In questions when he quickly mentions that part of Sparta’s goal during the past year has been to create an identity for themselves apart from the group three-quarters of its members used to play in. In speaking with journalists, including Todd Peterson of the Las Vegas Weekly, Hajjar says, “It’s less and less At the Drive-In questions. Hopefully by the time we interview for the next record, I won’t hear one of those questions.” has since removed the article.

Sparta’s Tony Hajjar Talks About At The Drive-In

Zac Crain of the Dallas Observer checked in with Sparta’s Tony Hajjar who addressed the hiatus of his former group At the Drive-In. “You know, the hiatus thing was, to me, just press crap,” Hajjar said. “You know what I mean? You’re supposed to stay quiet, you’re supposed to not say anything, but you know what? A hiatus for everybody else is my life. And my livelihood. And I’m not going to live on a hiatus. I think it’s absolute bullsh**. So we knew we had to get going and work our butts off, and that’s what we did. We’re enjoying exactly what we’re doing. Officially, I guess people still think we’re on hiatus, but there’s no such thing. That’s the funny part. I think all five of us are having a great time, and that’s the best part of it.” has since removed the article.

Tony Hajjar Talks Life After At The Drive-In

Sean Richardson of the Boston Phoenix spoke with Tony Hajjar of Sparta about how he’s fairing with music after the breakup of ‘At The Drive-In’. The Sparta drummer said, “I’ve never been happier than I am now, and it’s not because of who’s in the band or anything like that. It’s almost like the break-up made us grow up. We were in the same mindframe playing to 3000 people as we had been playing to two people. Your thinking has to change, and ours never did. So to get over it, in the sense of ‘Let’s fix the old problems and let’s continue doing what we enjoy doing,’ was a good feeling.” The full story at has since been removed.