Joe Perry Predicts New Album & Tour For Aerosmith

Joe Perry stopped by to talk about his new album ‘Have Guitar, Will Travel’, how it compares to Aerosmith, and if there will be another Aerosmith tour and album. “Yeah, definitely do,” Perry said, even though he confessed he hadn’t spoken to singer Steven Tyler since his fall and hospitalization at Sturgis in early August. “I think that things will come around. We’ve learned that the band belongs together, it’s just gonna take a little time for it to kind of settle out. We’ve been together too long to fade away.” Watch the interview below.

Joe Perry & Billie Paulette Montgomery Leave New York Hotel

Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry and wife Billie Paulette Montgomery were photographed leaving their hotel in New York City on Friday (June 26), heading to the Jones Beach Theater for a performance with his band.

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

Joe Perry Endorses John McCain

Joe Perry tells the Boston Herald he’s going to vote for John McCain in next Tuesday’s U.S. elections. The Aerosmith guitarist told Dave Wedge: “We pretty much stay out of it, but seeing so many people come out for Obama, I just felt like ‘What the hell, I might as well raise my hand for this side’.” Perry added that he’s “been a hardcore Republican my whole life.” Read more.

Tom Hamilton On Aerosmith’s Set List

The Press of Atlantic City caught up with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, who discussed the challenges of coming up with a set list given the band’s massive catalog of music spaning multiple generations. “We get a certain skeleton we work from and certain structure that has spaces in it, where we can plugs songs in and take them out and change them,” Hamilton said. “We have to have ‘Sweet Emotion’, ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Dream On’, and some of the ballads, and then we can interchange different album cuts. You have to figure out which era to draw from. Right now, we’re drawing more heavily on the ’70s stuff.” The transcript at has since been removed.

The Feeling Frontman Talks About Opening For Aerosmith

The Feeling’s blog features a Q&A with frontman Dan Gillespie Sells, who talked about the reaction to the band when they opened for Aerosmith in Dublin the other night. “They hated us in the beginning, but then I think we won them over, like we do,” he said. “But I think the more camp side of what we do made them feel embarrassed because they’re so macho.” Asked if they got a chance to meet the veteran rockers, Dan responded, “No. Rich already met Steve Tyler at the Brits, though. But they came in in their special cars a few minutes before they were on the stage and then as soon as they came off the stage they were straight in their cars and off. That’s exactly how I’m going to do it when I get as big as them. We have actually done it at a gig before, but only because we had to get a flight. So it was straight off the stage and onto a bus. That’s the rock ‘n’ roll way to do it.”