Grohl Wishes Cobain Had Not Taken Nirvana Success So Seriously

Nirvana 'Live At Reading'

WENN reports Dave Grohl is commenting on the late Kurt Cobain’s struggles to cope with Nirvana’s success while he was partying it up and laughing it off.

Grohl reveals, “Kurt definitely had a lot more inner pain than I did. The whole time the band was blowing up, I was laughing my a*** off, thinking, ‘This is absolutely ridiculous. These people are getting duped somehow.’ I don’t think Kurt’s reaction was the same.”

U2 Members Sing At Bono’s Dad’s Funeral

Reuters reports the members of U2 sang at the funeral of Paul Hewson, Bono’s father last Friday in Dublin. A witness revealed, “They sang beautifully, not as a band, but as individuals.” Bono’s father had battled cancer until his passing last Tuesday.

Metallica’s Lawsuit Happy Ways Continue

Dotmusic reports Metallica have again taken to the courts this time to go after MHT Luxury Alloys, who have been producing wheels called ‘The Metallica’. An MHT spokesman denies any intention of ripping off the band’s name saying, “My boss is 48-years-old and doesn’t know much about the music industry. The wheels were metal, so he called it the Metallica. That’s all there was to it.” is launched

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