Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett On ‘Some Kind Of Monster’

guitarist Kirk Hammett conceded in an interview with that the group’s new documentary, ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’, pushed the limits on documenting the band’s recent activity, such as the infighting, therapy and more. “To be truthful I think it is all overboard,” he said. “It all went too far. I mean, everything, every aspect of it went too far, but that is what makes it what it is. It’s a very extreme movie. It is extreme in the depth that it attains. You know, it is extreme in the way we opened ourselves up to the cameras. I mean, it’s extreme in all the events that were, you know, brought into our lives. It is just, it’s just all extreme and all went too far, and that’s what, I guess that’s just like part of the drama of being, you know, human.”

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