A Loss For Words ‘Before It Caves’ LP Out October 8th

A Loss For Words band

Boston rock band A Loss For Words has revealed details for their new album ‘Before It Caves’, which will be released on October 8th via Velocity/Rise Records. Check out the tracklisting for band’s follow-up to their 2011 effort ‘No Sanctuary’ below.

ALFW will be supporting the record on this fall’s The Lost Boys Tour, along with co-headliner Handguns. The trek, presented by New Noise Magazine and Loud & Obnoxious Clothing, will kick off on October 4 in West Chester, PA. The tour features direct support from New Jersey punks Major League and additional support from City Lights, The Shades, Stickup Kid and Light Years on select dates.

Frontman Matty Arsenault commented:
Hey guys! We’re beyond excited to finally announce our new record Before It Caves. We’re really proud of this record and think we’ve written our best stuff yet for you guys. We were lucky to have some good friends join us on some of these tunes so big thanks to the The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, and PVRIS. We’re also stoked to be getting back on the road in October to play some of the new stuff on The Lost Boys tour with a bunch of our good friends. Pre-orders are up at merchnow.com so go check that out and support us! Finally, what we’re most excited about is that today we can show you the first single off our new record, titled ‘Distance’ featuring Lynn Gunn from PVRIS. We hope you enjoy it, thank you for the endless support and we look forward to seeing you in October.

‘Before It Caves’ Tracklisting:
1. Distance
2. Conquest of Mistakes
3. Falling
4. All This Time
5. No Pioneer
6. 20 Block
7. No Merit to Envy
8. Eclipsed
9. The Kids Can’t Lose
10. The Torch and The Name
11. Brace Yourself
12. Siesta Key
13. All Roads Lead to Home

Farewell, My Love ‘Gold Tattoos’ LP Out September 10th

Farewell My Love

Farewell, My Love have launched pre-orders for their new LP ‘Gold Tattoos’, which will be out on September 10th via Standby Records.

In a joint statement, the Phoenix, Arizona band says:

We are thrilled to announce the release of our debut full length album ‘Gold Tattoos’ out September 10th via Standby Records. We’ve composed 12 tracks consisting of every emotion, melody, note & lyric that we feel represents both the band & each member individually. This album chronicles all of the endeavors that this band has experienced throughout its lifetime. We are very proud to share with all of you everything we have been working on. Thank you all for your support, we love you.

The Color And Sound Join Working Group Artist Management Roster

The Color and Sound

Boston indie rockers The Color and Sound have joined the New York-based Working Group Artist Management roster (Allison Weiss, Never Shout Never, Man Overboard, The Ready Set). The band, featuring Chris, Ally, Nick, Joe, Steve, and Christen, recently released their EP available for download/stream below.

Madison Rising Blast Dee Snider, Tom Morello Over Romney/Ryan Attacks

Patriotic rock band Madison Rising is firing back at rock artists such as Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine for their criticisms of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign for Mitt and his running mate Paul Ryan using their music on the campaign trail, suggesting that they are large beneficiaries of the capitalistic system embraced by the Republican ticket that has brought both musicians enormous personal wealth.

“I think American’s are getting really tired of the divisive undertones of all of these musicians and how they constantly attack anyone who supports the system they benefited from so much,” Rich Mgrdechian, Madison Rising’s manager, said in a press release. “It really is ironic how guys like Tom Morello, Bruce Springsteen, Dee Snider and all the other anti-American loudmouths have made an absolute fortune bashing capitalism. They clearly have no shame whatsoever. They’re capitalists, they’re artists, they’re musicians, they’re Americans – and so are we. The only difference is that we don’t try to hide it.”

The Wedding To Release New Album ‘No Direction’ September 25th

The Wedding band, featuring Matt Shelton, Trevor Sarver, Adam Thron, Matt Jameson and Cody Driggers

The Wedding have signed a deal with Tooth & Nail Records, who will release their label debut ‘No Direction’ on September 25th. The Fayetteville, Arkansas rock band first formed in 2008 and despite a few lineup changes, created a stir with their soaring rock anthems. The band hit its stride when frontman Matt Shelton, formerly of Letter Kills, joined the group.

On the album’s title, Shelton explains, “‘No Direction’ means cutting ties with the idea that you can prepare your life in such a way to keep you from danger. As C.S. Lewis said, it’s an illusion of safety. We are meant to live life unabashed and free, and this can only happen in the face of danger; which to most is the idea of not knowing where you are going. It is when we have No Direction at all and still we press on, trusting that the great unknown will be our rescue and not the demise we are so fearful of. We went into making this record with complete reckless abandon. We tried to write the record that we wanted and needed to hear.”

As for their new label home, Shelton said, “We are stoked to join the family at Tooth & Nail. It’s exciting to get to make the records we want to make with so many good friends.”

‘No Direction’ was produced by Jasen Rauch at Harker House Studios in Springfield, TN, and features guest vocals by Dan Marsala of The Story Of The Year on the track ‘The Lesser Worth’.

The Wedding are Shelton, Trevor Sarver (guitar), Adam Thron (guitar), Matt Jameson (drums) and Cody Driggers (bass).

The Wedding 'No Direction' album cover

‘No Direction’ Track Listing:
1. No Direction
2. The End
3. The Lesser Worth (feat. guest vocals by Dan Marsala of The Story of The Year)
4. The Raconteur
5. Hang on Love
6. The Wildest Ocean
7. Mors Tua Nos Vita
8. Kill Any Excuse
9. Heartbreak In Melody
10. Don’t Let Me Down
11. Young and Dangerous
12. Distance and Resolution

Stealing Axion Debut Album ‘Moments’ Out August 27th

Stealing Axion have now revealed the album artwork and track-listing for their debut full-length album, ‘Moments’, which is due out August 27th in Europe and August 28th in North America via InsideOut Music. ‘Moments’ was mixed and mastered by Acle Kahney, who worked closely with the progressive metal band on the sounds and textures of the album.

In regards to ‘Moments’, Stealing Axion frontman Dan Forbrich commented, “We feel this album is a culmination of the different compositional techniques that we’ve experimented with over the last few years. We like to take the basic song structures and let them ferment and slowly add layers to the mix until we are satisfied. Some of these songs have taken a while to fully mature.”

Stealing 'Axion Moments'

‘Moments’ Track Listing:
1. Mirage of Hope
2. Solar
3. Everything or Nothing
4. 47 Days Later
5. Unwanted Gift
6. Eventide
7. Collapse
8. It’s Too Late Now
9. Sleepless
10. Moments Part 1
11. Moments Part 2

Certain People I Know Self-Titled Debut Out Soon

Certain People I Know

Certain People I Know is the latest project fronted by the legendary Bob Nanna. The Chicago band’s previous works include Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City on Film, and The Bomb. This band picks up where Hey Mercedes left off, while still bringing their own unique sound. The band is rounded out by Damon Atkinson, Jeff Dean, Lauren LoPiccolo, and Matt Schuessler.

Certain People I Know’s self-titled LP will be available soon on Count Your Lucky Stars via vinyl, CD, and digitally, and can be pre-ordered at cylsrecords.com now. Check out the track listing of the album below.

Certain People I Know

Certain People I Know EP Track Listing:
1. Neverlasting
2. Our Lady of Guadalupe
3. Strongsuit
4. All You Gotta Do Is Show
5. NYE
6. King of Shots
7. Rowdy / Pivotal
8. Make It Up
9. How Was The Show? (Politics)

Thieves New EP ‘Achiever’ Out July 31st


Austin, Texas pop punk band Thieves is streaming its first single from ‘Achiever’, titled ‘Quarter Life Crisis,” right now at AbsolutePunk.net. The song is the first officially released song from the upcoming 7-track concept EP, which will be out on July 31st.

Vocalist Billy Canino says the concept for ‘Achiever’ centers around “facing your demons and admitting that you have room to grow. It’s about learning to truly appreciate the people who make you want to be a better, more honest person, instead of obsessing over the idea that you have something to prove to them, society, and yourself.”

Stay tuned for another song off ‘Achiever’ in the coming weeks.

Thieves 'Achiever'

‘Achiever’ Track Listing:
1. Achiever
2. The Wisdom of Insecurity
3. Broken Down, Breaking Ground
4. Bioluminescence
5. Compassion vs. Contempt
6. Entitled To Nothing
7. Quarter Life Crisis

Courtney LaPlante Fills In For Pregnant iwrestledabearonce Singer Krysta Cameron


iwrestledabearonce is on the full Vans Warped Tour this summer performing on the Ernie Ball Stage, where the band is being joined by fill-in vocalist Courtney LaPlante. The Shreveport, Louisiana heavy metal band’s regular vocalist, Krysta Cameron, wasn’t able to join the guys because she’s pregnant.

The following statement from guitarist Steven Bradley on the news has been issued:

So here it is… complete transparency. A press release written by me (Steven, original IWABO guitarist) with the truth on what’s going down.

The day before our Warped Tour show in Dallas, TX we had a day off in the DFW area. Krysta lives there now, so she went home to relax and do some laundry. The next day, we received word from her minutes before our set that she discovered she and her fiancé are expecting a kid and she would not be returning to finish Warped Tour with us. Obviously this is an insane curveball for everybody, but in typical IWABO fashion we will press on. And no matter what happens, Krysta has been our best friend for years and we want her to be happy.

So what the fu** is the plan then, you ask? Well on literally a few minutes notice, our friend Courtney LaPlante flew her ass down to meet up with us today so that won’t miss a single show of this tour. Courtney is a beast in both the singing and screaming departments and is also an incredibly awesome person. We wouldn’t tarnish the years of work that we’ve put into this band by having somebody half-ass it on stage with us, so please come to a show and give her a high-five and make her feel welcome for doing us this huge favor. It makes it feel even better and more natural since she has been a long-term fan of our band and already knows the material.

So long story short; Fear not friends and Bear Fu**ers… We will continue to play Warped Tour and we hope that you will continue to support us. Getting to play for and talk to so many of you on a daily basis is honestly what we live for, and we will definitely continue with our plan to high-five everybody on Earth. We will update you with more info soon, including some new tour dates and info on our recently-finished full-length horror/comedy/whatever film A Beary Scary Movie!

And finally, thank you so much to everybody who has been so supportive of us for all these years and we hope to see you again soon!

– Steven / iwabo

Handguns Debut Album ‘Angst’ Out September 25th

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania pop punks Handguns will be releasing their debut full-length, titled ‘Angst’, on September 25th 2012 on CD/LP/Digital. The record will be available nation wide in Hot Topic stores as well as all other outlets. ‘Angst’ was produced Chris Curran at Webster Lake Studios. Check out the artwork and track list below. Handguns will be on tour July 14th – August 18th supporting Strung Out and Such Gold.

Handguns 'Angst'

‘Angst’ Track Listing:
1. Porch Light
2. Drag You Out
3. Long October
4. Stay With Me
5. Early Retirement
6. Song About You
7. Capsize
8. The War At Home
9. Nice Choice, Nice Life
10. Still Running Away
11. Fade Away
12. Where I Belong