Zakk Wylde Denies Ozzy Is Singing To Backing Tapes

guitarist Zakk Wylde recently spoke to The Metal Exiles about the rumors that Ozzy has been singing to a tape during some of his Ozzfest 2003 appearances. “No, no that will never happen,” Wylde insisted. “Not with my ass up there. I’d rather have Oz when he gets up there and if he’s going to hit a clam once in a while, then he hits a clam. Some nights, I’ll go, ‘How are you feeling, boss?’ right before we go out on stage, and before we play ‘Paranoid’ backstage. I’ll be the first one to ask, ‘How are you feeling?’ and he goes, ‘It’s going to be a rough one tonight, man.’ Then another night he’ll say, ‘I feel good tonight, man. I got some rest.’ And everything like that. So, no, he would never sing to tapes.”

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