You Can’t Replace David Lee Roth

Newt Briggs of the Las Vegas Mercury caught up with and asked if he thought Van Halen III, featuring Extreme lead singer Gary Cherone, was a much more shameful rock debacle than any unsuccessful drug deal–no matter how bungled. “I think so,” Roth responded. “How were they ever going to replace Diamond Dave? Think about it like this: The L.A. Philharmonic is a Tchaikovsky tribute band. There’s not an original member left in the rhythm section. But really skilled and disciplined professionals can not only duplicate the music, they can take it past where he wrote it. What you’ll never duplicate is the voice and the personality that drives it. They say that the blues guitar just don’t sound right until it’s been in the pawn shop at least once. Somebody would have to put some serious stamps in their spiritual passport to sound like me, son.” Read more.

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