Yeah Yeah Yeahs Survive The Hype

guitarist Nick Zinner spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the hype the band enjoyed for their ‘Fever To Tell’ debut in 2003, and how things have quieted down for their sophomore effort, ‘Show Your Bones’. “While we were going through it, it was completely surreal,” Zinner laughed. “I realize now that it’s kind of like a cycle. Every year there’s, like, four new bands that go through the cycle – they’re just thrown right into it and kind of blown up to these mega-hyped proportions, often completely irrelative to how good they are. It’s a strange thing. I think we have a little more perspective on it now; maybe it started off as being someone who was genuinely really excited about it, and then that was met with skepticism and that skepticism was either defended or criticized in turn. It’s kind of like a chain reaction that happens outside of the people who are making the music.” The article at has since been removed.

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