Wolfmother Bassist: We’re Big Fans Of Canada, America Can Be A Bit Nuts

bassist and organist Chris Ross spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine by phone. Asked how the band’s album is doing in the U.S., Ross said, “Really good. It’s going really well. I think it debuted at No.22 in the States and No.11 in Canada as well. We’re big fans of Canada, man, they have a real affinity with Australia. There’s a real similar vibe, it’s cool. America can be a bit nuts and I don’t understand it sometimes. But now we’re getting heaps of people at the shows who know the lyrics and are singing along and stuff, which is really cool and really exciting. I guess the reason we held off releasing it over here is just so we can get out there and do some shows and stuff, and just show people what Wolfmother’s about. We kind of wanted to do the same transition that we did at home, which felt very organic and very true as well. You don’t really want to get thrust into it as some bullsh** packaged band that people go ‘What’s this about?’. You want people to get a sense of discovery.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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