Will Slipknot’s Final Volume Be ‘The Subliminal Verses’?

As prepare to play at next week’s Download Scotland festival, percussionist Joey Jordison tells The Glasgow Daily Record the band’s latest album ‘Vol 3. The Subliminal Verses’, likely wouldn’t be their last, despite comments in the past saying such by frontman Corey Taylor. “I don’t think it is necessarily going to be the last album,” Jordison said. “We went in there to record it with a great attitude and we all threw our egos out of the window. All of the band missed each other and, of course, the music. We were really excited about working together again and making new music, so this being the last album is not a concern any more. The egos were getting in the way a bit though. We had to have meetings on how to approach things before we even made any music or started rehearsing. We had been together every day since 1995 and were just burned out.”

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