Will Dilana’s Fan-Dissing Song Spell Her Doom?

checked in with fans on his blog at 6767.com on Tuesday after the taping of ‘Rock Star: Supernova’, weighing in on the latest controversy involving Dilana Robichaux, who wrote lyrics to a new Supernova song criticizing fans. “If you haven’t watched the online reality show I suggest you do,” Dave writes. “There is a lot of heat regarding Dilana’s ‘screw you to the fans’ comment. I can’t figure out what she could have possibly meant. Part of me wants to think that she was referring to the haters online and that it ACCIDENTALLY CAME OUT WRONG (I had to cap that, because it is evident by some comments that I didn’t type it loud enough!), but then again, that girl really need to learn to think before she opens her mouth. She does go on to say that she needs her fans later in the episode, so it is more than a little confusing in terms of where the hell she is coming from. Onstage I think she is amazing, but off stage, she has the potential to really piss off a lot of people. It seemed that she was redeeming herself from a couple of weeks ago, but I really think that she may have signed her own Supernova Death Certificate with this one.” The full post at 6767.com has since been removed.

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