Why Are So Many Bands Leaving The Warped Tour?

In wake of several acts dropping out of this year’s Warped Tour, members of some bands on this year’s tour tell MTV News there is definitely a higher level of tension on this year’s trek. While some blame the summer’s sweltering temperatures and the pressures of spending two long, grueling months on the road, others say there’s an old-punks-vs.-new-punks battle that has resulted in tension between bands. Fat Mike, who has spent eight of the last 11 summers on Warped with both and cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, says the tension is due to all of the above. “The thing is, a lot of bands sign up for this, and they have no idea what it’s about, and how difficult it is if you’re a smaller band,” he said. “If you have to do this tour in a van, it’s really, really difficult. Our whole goal on this tour is to have as much fun as we possibly can — that’s what it’s all about, so if you can [accomplish] that, it’s a really great tour.” Read more.

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