White Stripes Outrage At Populist ‘Respect’ For Cash

Murray Engleheart of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with Meg White of the White Stripes who says she and Jack have been suitably outraged by the massive, populist outpouring of “respect” for Johnny Cash since his passing. “I think in Vancouver, Jack awarded him Video of the Year (for ‘Hurt’) because MTV neglected to do so.” Meg said with a delightful giggle. “It was actually at a show. We were just kind of upset that he didn’t get any, you know.I mean he should have got every award that he was nominated for. It’s an amazing video! Not that he really would care I’m sure but it was just kind of rude I thought. And of course he dies and then they’ve got all these retrospectives on him and it’s like, Fu** you!” she laughs forcefully. “You don’t have the, you’ve ignored him up until now, don’t fu**ing. I don’t know.”

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