What Was Fred Durst Thinking By Dissing Britney?

John O’Neill of the San Francisco Bay Guardian is calling out frontman Fred Durst for his blasting of Britney Spears to Access Hollywood recently. “What in the world was Fred Durst thinking by dissing Britney Spears,” O’Neill asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a card-carrying member of her fan club or anything. I’m not even sure how many albums she’s put out, or the titles of any of her songs except ‘Oops.’ Until Durst’s recent sneak attack, all I could say about her is that she dances pretty well in that Pepsi commercial. But I do have a heart, and these days it’s broken. This Durst guy is way out of line, and what I need to know is why everyone isn’t outraged like I am?” Read more.

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