Wes Scantlin’s Song About Son Giving Album Sales A Boost

Launch.com reports following radio play of Puddle of Mudd’s follow up to ‘Control’ with ‘Blurry’, the band’s Come Clean album has jumped back up to #13 on the charts. Scantlin explained his relationship to his kid and how he almost gave up music because of it revealing, “I was thinking, hey, I could probably go down there and make some good money so I could support my kid, buy him some nice stuff, get him a bicycle or whatever you want to get your kid, and some clothes, and you know, pay child support and make sure you had it in there on time, because if you don’t pay it, you go to jail. I was actually done doing music for a while. I was totally happy with everything I had accomplished musically in my life. So, it really actually was kind of funny because I pretty much said, ‘I’m not gonna do this any more,’ and then the next day Fred called.”

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