Wes Scantlin Hates Los Angeles

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin tells Chart magazine he’s no fan of Los Angeles. “I got a crush on not being in L.A.,” Scantlin said in response to whether there was a special someone he had a crush on. “I don’t wanna fu**in’ be there anymore. Everyone there is so fake and everybody is so fu**in’ full of sh**. When I first got there, I saw the inside of it. There are people there… everything you’ve heard about that place that you thought was fu**in’ bullsh**, well, it’s true. Every girl is there to be some super fu**in’ actress or some fu**in’ model. People use you, no one cares about people’s feelings. They just wanna figure out how to get their name next to your name.”

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