Wes Borland Readies Solo Album

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland posted the following update on the recording sessions for his upcoming solo album: “Hauling ass on finishing the record. Hopefully we are looking at it to be released a few months after the Limp record with a sh**load of touring being thought about as well. No breaks for me this year.

“As soon as LB takes a break in the later part of this year, or early part of next, it’s on (touring is on, that is… the record will be out this summer, or early fall (crosses fingers.).

“Josh [Freese, A Perfect Circle] played on two more songs [on Saturday, March 26]. I thought we were finished with drums, but a couple of really strong new tunes were written at the last minute, and I had to include them, so Sting let him loose for a minute to play this morning.

“Strings were finished [on March 17] on 4 songs. It was my first time ever working with a string section. It was really moving for me to see pro string players attack the music as it should be, and nice to say goodbye to the temporary synth strings and my bad cello playing that has been serving as a place holder in the music for such a long time.”

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