Wentz’s First Class Flight To Belfast

Fall Out Boy bassist checked in with fans from Ireland on the VIP journal over at FriendsOrEnemies.com on Friday (January 20). “Hello from Belfast,” Wentz writes. “I have been awake for like 35 hours now. Some how me and Warchief talked our way into first class on the plane – he kept saying, ‘I’m kind of a big deal’ – he is a big deal. Pretty funny. We pretty much ruined a bunch of guys in ties night. Got here and first order of business was getting the cellphone working and straightening iron on the power plug they have over here – I sounded totally unclassy with my Yankee accent trying to figure out what the fu** was going on. But yeah it was cute how I threw away like 6 dollars in coins cause I thought they were pennies. Cute like retarded.”

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