Weiland’s Reps Issue Statement Clarifying News Reports

Representatives for singer issued the following statement Monday (February 2) clarifying recent news reports about his recovery process, his legal status and plans for the future.

“Recent news reports stated that the Velvet Revolver frontman (and former Stone Temple Pilots singer) had walked out of, or was discharged from, a Pasadena, California recovery facility after one month. Although Weiland did move to a sober living facility, it was at the suggestion and approval of his doctors and recovery counselors.

“Mike Nasatir, a Weiland attorney, says, ‘We were under the impression that Scott’s move was not against the court’s wishes and that Scott was in compliance with the court’s orders.’

“Dr. Drew Pinsky, Weiland’s primary recovery specialist and head of Las Encinas Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Program, said, ‘We felt that Scott completed detox by achieving the goals we set for him. He struggled diligently against a bad disease and we felt it was time for him to go to a lower level of care. It was time for him to return into the sober community and get back to the basics of sobriety while he pursued other treatment, which is a long treatment — something that will take months and months — but that doesn’t require a hospital. It is unclear to me what is to be gained by putting him back in an in-patient environment. I am not clear that this is a good use of resources for this patient.’

“Weiland has been complying with the court order as the court acknowledged in his January 9 progress report. Weiland, according to his attorneys, has not abused illegal drugs or alcohol and is under his doctor’s care. Scott continues to proactively and successfully address mental health issues, which have an organic neuropsychological basis and are pharmacologically treatable.

“Weiland wants nothing more than to successfully comply with the court’s orders, continue his sobriety in the community, work with his bandmates and ultimately be reunited with his wife and children.”

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