Weezer Updates On Reissue, DVD Status

According to a message posted on ’s official website: “Despite mysterious reports that have been coming in, there are still no release dates set for the ‘Blue Album Deluxe Edition’, nor the Weezer DVD. Both projects are coming along nicely, but will likely be out after the holiday season, not before, due to overall schedule planning at the record label. Its just as well in the case of the ‘Blue Album Deluxe’, as artwork, layout and liner notes stuff are still in progress. The DVD is 95% done, with some work remaining to be done on the packaging, architecture/menus, and weird stuff like getting the optional band commentaries lined up properly.”

“The DVD, entitled ‘Video Capture Device’, still clocks in at well over 3 hours, even after several bits and pieces came out in the final legal wash. The ‘Blue Album Deluxe Edition’ will be a 2 disc set with extra songs both well-loved-yet-somewhat-obscure, as well as downright previously unheard stuff. The packaging will include extensive liner notes, historically cool photos both classic and previously unseen, lyrics and restored cover art, presented as originally envisioned.”

“Meanwhile the band continues their work behind the scenes, writing and rehearsing new songs, and enjoying the good vibes.”

“Equipment minded folk may have seen the recent overhaul to the equipment section. People with sharp memories may have noted that the main difference so far is the format. New info and photos are due next. Other areas of weezer.com are also being worked on, including the massive superchrono [1993 updates finally coming soon], ‘tunes’ [discography], recording history, and links. Unfortunately there will likely be no new ‘Stoke Factor’ installment ’till late this year or early 2004.”

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