Weezer Issues Statement Re: Terrorist Attacks

issued a statement on their official site, weezer.net, concerning the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred on Tuesday. In it, the band writes, “The horror, and the music … Like you, we’ve all been following the story of these horrifying acts of terrorism, and we are all just as stunned and shocked as you. Normal life stuff, including the very act of being in a touring rock band, seems incredibly strange.”

Everyone feels terrible for the victims of this, and a sense of frustrating anger over an inability to do anything about it. It certainly felt proper to cancel the San Jose show and hopefully reschedule it for an upcoming date. Now the question has come, that assuming we have permission to do today’s show in Oakland (and as of 4:00 AM PST as far as I understand it, we do), should we? Should we say, as they say, “the show must go on?”

it is impossible to know what is truly the “right” thing to do here. Tons of you have written in begging for the show to happen, others have suggested cancelling out of respect for the tragedy. It feels gut-wrenching to have to even think about what is supposed to be a musical celebration in such terms, but these are the terms we have to deal with. And as such, the guys have decided that (if they are allowed to), they want the show to go on. Why? I think Rivers summed it up best, when he said “I want to do something about all this, but the only thing I can do is play music.” The band loves to play, they love to reach the crowd of fans and get everyone stoked and happy. They know no other way to deal with all this, as sitting around feeling sad can be so frustrating. When the band lost their wonderful freinds Mykel and Carli back in ’97, they faced the prospect of 2 shows in Calgary before the funeral services were planned. They had every right to cancel the shows, but it just felt wrong to do so… what would Mykel and Carli think- weezer missing a show on their account? Theyd hear nothing of it. Here, the unbeleivable magnatude of loss is far more than can be understood, even if we contemplate it for the rest of our lives (which I am sure we will.) We all feel sad, we all feel terrible for those who have been lost and those who lost them, but it feels wrong to just do nothing. So, again, assuming Oakland allows for it, we will be there, rocking for you as hard as we can. We hope you can join us, and we understand and apologize if you can’t.

…the following is what I feel an outstanding essay that my brother-in-law wrote about all this. My brother in law has the uncanny ability to get a grasp on heavy issues as they happen, and his experience as a paramedic and his excellent writing skills make for very thought provoking writing. He is above all a patriot and an American citizen concerned with the thing that the USA was founded on, freedom. I’m not sure if posting this here is proper for a band’s web site, but he says a lot of things that I wish I had the words for. If you’ve heard too much about the tragedy already, just stop reading here, I don’t mean to re-open any raw feelings here, I just feel his words are worth sharing…

Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Some New Kind Of Pearl Harbor (by Mike, Karl’s brother in law)

“You all know the story by now. Many thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands, lie rotting under tons of concrete and steel, and I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a loved one missing at this hour.

My heart goes out especially to the rescue teams who raced to their deaths this morning, and to their colleagues, who will spend the next many weeks searching among their remains beneath the late summer sun. I believe that the task of dismantling that pile will prove to be the single worst job on this planet.

Things will never be the same.

This morning [9/11] I awoke in a world where you just couldn’t take a jetliner full of people and throw it like a child’s toy at the biggest skyscraper around. I never really thought that the White House or a Yankee Stadium could, quite credibly, be destroyed in the coming weeks or months.

This is not terrorism any more. What happened today was no different than if a foreign airforce had bombed New York and strafed the people on the streets. It is, without exaggeration, war.

This is a Pearl Harbor of sorts, but probably not the sort that most people imagine. We are not at war with a nation or even a civilian population, we are at war with what probably amounts to no more than a few thousand men, unusual men who have the capability to carry their fight at a national level. Until today we could dismiss them as criminals and terrorists, tactical players of small parts on the world stage. This morning they became strategic players. I believe we are going to have a hell of a time wrapping our minds around this, but these [expletive deleted] are now no different than a medium-sized country in their ability to project power.

We can’t bomb their factories, dismantle their air defenses, destroy their troops and go home. Their power is no less formidable but it is not comprised of factories and troops, contained by borders or even led by public figures. The classic model of war, and of victory in war, simply does not apply.

They can really hurt us, and they will probably continue to do so, and we may never be able to put a stop to it. Ask the Israelis how long a war like this might last.

Ask if they remember a day that everything changed forever.

I always try to look at both sides of things, especially when they [upset me]. On our side, I can predict that we will soon slap Afghanistan around for harboring our attackers, and that we might have some luck in tracking and killing some of those who were directly involved. Beyond that, I have no idea what to do and quite frankly I’m eager to see what the professionals can come up with.

On their side, I have to believe that they must really hate us, and hate us much more than any of us would ever have guessed. This was such an evil, hurtful action, of such great scale an involving so many suicidal participants… is madness really so common and so easy to focus? What else could this be, but hatred?

The Idiot Parade will start soon. The usual suspects will climb from their holes, dust off their suits, and try to explain to us how wiretaps are a good idea now, how too much freedom is a dangerous thing that really needs to have some limits on it. Others will describe how we should broker for peace by offering concessions.

Remember that we are strong because we are free and unbowed, especially when threatened. Let the mice return to their little holes and be done with them.

My call? We are really in an honest-to-god war, even if it doesn’t look like one. Deal with it.

On an international level we should do everything in our power – not proportional things, or accepted things, but every thing – to hurt our enemies, to harass them, to frighten their allies and bring fear to any who would help them. We should not hesitate to torture or kill foreign nationals who dare come too close to them, who rally support for them, who trade with them or supply them. We should make them pariahs and we should stop at nothing to drive them into the sea. And we should consider it a source of national pride.

We shot a lot of […] Germans and Japanese without so much as a search warrant, and don’t imagine that we didn’t kill am awful lot of innocent people who were just standing around in the wrong place while we were at it. War is ugly and unfair, an incredible, irrational waste of everything precious, and we just had one dropped in our laps, from 110 stories up. History will remember our response. Let’s give them something they will never forget.”

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