Weezer Hootenanny How-To: ‘Island In The Sun’ & ‘Beverly Hills’

posted a ‘Hootenanny Tour’ how-to clip over at their YouTube channel, with Rivers Cuomo discussing guitar tuning for ‘Island In The Sun’, followed by “the real simple song” ‘Beverly Hills’. “So please get out your metronome, practice your scales, run through these songs a few times. Do your vocal warm-ups, because this is live, coming to a town near you,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo recently spoke with MTV News about the tour. “We’re gonna bring ourselves and invite a bunch of Weezer fans down to bring their instruments and, uh, jam with us,” he explained. ” I don’t know, 100, 200 people, whatever. Everyone come down and bring an instrument — whatever you can play — and we’ll jam out on our songs.” Watch the clip below.

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