Web Radio Host Claims To Have Video Of Florida Suicide

A Chicago-based web radio host claims he has video footage of both Hell On Earth’s performance, and what is purported to be the suicide that accompanied it, this past Saturday night (October 4), according to the St. Petersburg Times. Shane Bugbee, who hosts an Internet show called Radio Free Satan and has interviewed Hell On Earth frontman Billy Tourtelot, says he uploaded footage of both the band’s show and what appears to be a “sickly-looking” man committing suicide through “some sort of asphyxiation.” Bugbee told Launch.com he won’t confirm the authenticity of the death without more proof. “You know, until a body is taken out of an apartment, until a grieving family steps forward to talk about their dying family member’s last wish, I don’t know if I believe it,” Bugbee said. “For all I know, it could be Billy’s drummer dressed up and it’s a gag, a hoax on me. You know, a hoax on all of us.” The full story at Yahoo! Music has since been removed.

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