We Asked For It; Jane’s Addiction Reopened It

John Payne of LA Weekly reviewed the new Jane’s Addiction album ‘Strays’. Payne writes, “Sometimes the hype, you just can’t resist it. Jane’s Addiction are back, oh yeah, with their first studio album in 13 years, and while they’ve attempted resurrection numerous times before, this new one called ‘Strays’ does feel like the band have crawled out fully rested from under their collective rock, yawned, stretched and seen their path clearly for the very first time. Or something. Maybe it’s the general perception that no one’s making big, splashy, epic rock albums anymore, but the ultracharged tracks on ‘Strays’ give you the feeling of musicians confidently reasserting their claim to what is rightfully theirs, in exactly the right time and place.” Read more.

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