Was Chris Daughtry A Victim Of Editing?

Dave White of The Advocate shared his thoughts on last week’s ‘American Idol’ performances, including rocker Chris , and the controversy that was sparked the week before. White writes, “Time to backpedal. Seacrest brings up the fact that Daughtry covered crappy ’90s alterna-band Live’s cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk the Line’ last week. Daughtry nods and says, ‘Oh, yes, Live is my favorite band,’ or some kind of nonsense like that. But it’s totally clear what happened last week, at least to conspiracy theorists like me. Daughtry probably did talk about Live in his ‘personality reel’ the week earlier and it was probably chopped to make him look like a True American Original just long enough to win tons of votes. The producers have a serious hard-on for him to win.” Read more.

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