Warrant’s Turner Discusses Jani Lane’s Departure

Glam-Metal.com caught up with guitarist Erik Turner and asked if there is any truth to the rumors that vocalist Jani Lane left the band because Erik and bassist Jerry Dixon were so persistent about getting original guitarist Joey Allen back into the group. “No, there’s no truth to that,” Erik replied. “What happened between Jani, Jerry and me was basically Jani was always making comments from day one in this band, like Warrant is just a stepping stone for my solo career. And he’s always talking about his solo thing and he’s going out doing solo shows. I think that he’s half-heartily been into Warrant for a while. But, you would have to ask him. I just know that every time something goes wrong he’s quick to say that he would just take the year off and work on his solo project. So, he’s been talking about it for a long time, so good luck to him. We spent 17 years together, we had a lot of good times, a few bad times. I’m sure one day we will look back and hopefully everyone will think that this was for the best.”

The interview at glam-metal.com has since been removed.

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