Warped Downpour Soaks Bayside’s Get Out The Vote Campaign

bassist Nick Ghanbarian checked in from the Warped Tour 2007 on Thursday (August 2) after losing out to for a chance to play a longer set at the festival. He writes:

Here is the story about what happened today.

1 hour before the polls closed today, we had a 500 vote lead in New Jersey. We had a set time scheduled at 3:50 pm. Voting ends at 5 pm. When we were on our way to the stage, apocalypse came and took out Warped tour. Hail, torrential downpour, thunder and lightning came and stopped Warped from happening for about an hour. During this hour all of our band was trapped inside our equipment trailer because it was completely unsafe outside. Long story short, while we were trapped inside the trailer, whoever runs Red Jumpsuits Myspace took our 500 vote lead and completely devoured it. So New Jersey, I’m sorry unless anyone sees the humanity in this situation, we will not be playing any extra songs for you. It doesn’t seem fair to me, but because of inclement weather Red Jumpsuit has won. Direct your comments toward them.

Thanks for listening

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