Warbringer ‘Shattered Like Glass’ Video Behind The Scenes

Warbringer band

are now giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making-of their upcoming music video, ‘Shattered Like Glass’, the lead single off the group’s third album ‘Worlds Torn Asunder’. Rather than churn out the “standard” live-in-an-abandoned-warehouse music video, the Ventura, California thrash metal band decided to give ‘Shattered Like Glass’ a horror movie treatment with help from director Dave Vorhes and actor Don Danielson. The music video will be posted online in the coming weeks. Check out the making of ‘Shattered Like Glass’, filmed and edited by Warbringer guitarist John Laux, below.

In regards to this behind the scenes video clip, Laux said, “We are very excited about the latest and greatest official Warbringer promo video clip! We had a great experience working with director Dave Vorhes and his team. They used a number of DIY style tricks to create a very unique and professional environment for the ‘Shattered Like Glass’ video. We had a blast using smoke and mirrors to escape the trappings of another metal warehouse video. The aim is to have a very dark, horror movie kind of feel in this video. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished edited clip, which will be out before our new album is released September 27th.”

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