Wag Marshall-Page Of Infadels Amazed By Metallica Show In Germany

bassist Wag Marshall-Page spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about how the band ended up watching a gig in Germany after their tour bus driver drove them to the wrong festival. “Oh, it was amazing,” Wag told Jaymz Clements. “I was in to Metallica when I was a kid – most of the band and our crew were as well, in fact. So we went and hung out and watched them. We got a really good view and oh my god it was amazing. I mean, you can’t help but draw comparisons – although it was in Nürburg you can’t help but draw comparisons to the Nuremberg rally. When you just see – and not making fun of it or anything – but just a crowd that big all there just all ‘HOO! HOO! HOO!’ chanting away. I mean, there was a sea of people – literally it must have been about half a mile long, on the Formula One track, the Nürburgring. It was ridiculous, it made your hair stand on end.”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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