Von Bondies Bassist Just Wants To Play

bassist Carrie Smith tells Charity VanDeberg of Zero magazine that when the band’s songs have both Jason Stollsteimer vocals and the female backing vocals, it tends to play off of each other. “Jason’s a very emotional singer and our backing vocals are usually a little more deadpan, like ‘Yeah, whatever Jason.’ It has to do with the storytelling,” she said. Carrie says that while she enjoys singing, ultimately, she is in a band to play music. “My job is to get up on the stage every night and play bass,” she said. “I can’t say that I particularly relish all the press that we have to do. To me, that’s just extra stuff. I’ll put up with it. I have to do it. But for me it’s a lot more fun and more of the point to actually play. If we never had to do another TV show, I might be happy.”

The full story at zeromag.com has since been removed (the site has shut down).

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