Voivod Drummer Bids Adieu To Piggy

Voivod drummer Michel “Away” Langevin has issued the following statement regarding the passing of the band’s guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour: “Last week has been very tough on me, as I spent it at the hospital with Denis. We had been musical partners since 1979 in high school, and it will be a hard task for me to cope with his departure.”

“I would like to thank: All the Voivodians who sent kind words via email; Julie (the angel) for taking care of Denis the past few months; the D’Amour family, for their strength. Jason and Snake, always the ones to bring a smile on Piggy’s face; Gilles Gravel, Denis’ oldest friend, for the contructive thoughts and positive presence in the hospital room; my friends from AUT’CHOSE, for respecting my inner suffering at Saturday’s show in Quebec City; The End, for believing in us. Thanks also to Trish, Annie, James and Yuri for the eternal support. My apologies to the ones I’m forgetting right now.

“Staring at Mars after the show, I couldn’t stop thinking that Piggy is now achieving an old dream of ours: touring the Universe!

“Adieu Denis, mon ami…”

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