Vince Neil Lashes Out At Nikki Sixx, Threatens Lawsuit

showed up on the Howard Stern show broadcast from Las Vegas to hang out with the guys for a while. Howard asked him what’s up with . They’re done right now and Vince said Nikki Sixx is the problem. He said they just don’t get along and Nikki thinks that he is Motley Crue. Vince said there may be a lawsuit coming soon because they were supposed to go out as Motley Crue and Nikki decided to start his own band in the meantime. Vince said he’s making money just fine right now. He said he thinks that Nikki is in breach of contract right now because they’re supposed to be on tour so he may be suing over that. Howard read that Vince was out on tour with his own band recently and the crowd refused to sing along to any of his songs so he called off a concert. Vince said that was untrue and the biggest piece of B.S. that he’d ever read.

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