VFW Seething Over Super Bowl Halftime Entertainment

The commander-in-chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is outraged with U.S. media organizations for ignoring the blatant and disgusting desecration of the U.S. flag by during Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. During the halftime performance, Kid Rock slit a hole in the flag and wore it as a poncho. Edward S. Banas Sr., Voluntown, Conn., said the media have made much of Janet Jackson’s raunchy and nearly lewd act, but they have ignored Kid Rock’s inappropriate and disrespectful use of the American flag. “While MTV and CBS have issued apologies for the Janet Jackson incident, they have yet to address Kid Rock’s disgusting use of an American flag as a costume prop. The 1.6 million members of the VFW agree that Kid Rock’s stunt was in poor taste and extremely disrespectful to the members of our armed forces who everyday pledge their allegiance–and their life–to our flag,” Banas said. “I find it unconscionable that the entire news media, along with CBS, the NFL and MTV, have yet to address this.”

The full story at vfw.org has since been removed.

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