Vendetta Red Says AC/DC Opening Slot Was A Nightmare

Andrew Bonazelli of the Seattle Weekly spoke with frontman Zach Davidson who talked about the band’s negative experience opening for earlier this year at the Roseland Ballroom. “It was a fu**in’ nightmare, dude.” Davidson sighed. “It was scary how blatantly homophobic a lot of that crowd is. AC/DC’s music, whether you like it or not, is not socially conscious. You wanna drink, fu**, and smoke weed when you listen to AC/DC… and eat steak. Fu**in’ American dream. I can handle anything, but I didn’t really like it when, before you play a fu**ing note, the minute you go onstage, people are yelling ‘Faggot!’ That, of course, made me have to go down there and start kissing boys.” Read more.

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