Velvet Revolver Shows True Guns N’ Roses Grit

Jeff Vrabel of The Chicago Sun-Times reviewed ’s show before a packed crowd at the Allstate Arena. Vrabel writes, “Not surprisingly, Velvet Revolver sounds exactly like what would happen if one melded parts of [Guns N’ Roses] with parts of Stone Temple Pilots. Liberated from [Axl Rose’s] penchant for bombastic excess, Velvet Revolver has a sound that’s still grounded in Slash’s trademark riffs, but grittier and more efficient. Tracks like ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Slither’ were meaty rockers almost nostalgically simple in their compositions, but also Slash-powered dirty bombs that splashed into the crowd with full force. Behind the guitarist, [Duff McKagan] and [Matt Sorum] retain an automatic chemistry, and held down songs like the roaring ‘Do It for the Kids’ and ‘Headspace’. New single ‘Fall to Pieces’ has a descending riff straight out of ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’, but had enough of a groove to avoid sheer power balladry.” has since removed the article.

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