Update On New Drowning Pool Album

Drowning Pool

drummer Mike Luce has issued the following update on the band’s current activities:

As you may or may not know, Drowning Pool is hard at work here in Dallas putting together the ‘demos’ for the next record — THE RECORD!

In case you’re not privy to the process of ‘demo-ing’… please, allow me. ‘Demoing’ is the process in which the band is rehearsing and putting together new music and recording said new material by a number of means. We hope you are understanding in that we want this to be our defining record! We, by no means, are dragging ass! But we are sure to take our time with each and every song! We enter a local Dallas/Denton studio, track new songs, then send copies of our new babies to the record label. By doing this you are able to keep all parties involved (in the album-making process) in the loop as to where the band/songs are musically. That being said, the band then is informed as to when they can expect to release a record.

All this being equal… we are expecting to be knee-deep in ‘the new sh**’ by January 2006!! If that remains… I would hope to have the record on shelves anytime from early spring/mid-summer 2006! If all this seems like a long time… it is. But rest assured that if you grow too impatient to wait for the record, you can always come check out a show. We ARE playing new sh** at the shows. Playing the songs live and getting your reaction and input is another important part in the whole process of writing new songs and then demoing it for the record. Of course all views herein are strictly that of the drummer and all other parties hold no responsibility or involvement in my opinions or actions!

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