Update From Lamb Of God’s Adler

drummer Chris Adler has offered a brief update on recent and current activities at the band’s blog at Myspace on Thursday (July 12):

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening around the LOG camp. Following our spring tour with Gojira, Machine Head and , we headed over to Japan, Australia and New Zealand for a few weeks. Truly amazing part of the planet and I feel lucky to have had the chance to return. Incredible shows, totally insane signings and meet and greets, and real hospitality that make us all look forward to heading back.

Once home, we barely had enough time to catch up on our sleep before we flew back over the pond to begin a month across Western Europe. This trip included most of the European summer festivals including shows and festivals in the beautiful Nordic countries. We had done a few of the festivals several years ago, but this time was beyond any expectations. The word of LOG has obviously spread! These were some of the biggest shows of our career (Download festival was ~75,000 people!!!). It is an amazing and exhilarating feeling to perform in front of such incredible audiences. I for one am very thankful for the opportunity it is a dream realized and I will never forget it.

While there, we were invited to attend and perform at the Metal Hammer awards going into it I didn’t really know what to expect since we don’t have anything similar over here, but basically it’s like the Grammy’s for Metal in the UK. Red carpet and all. Good thing I had my camo shorts!

We arrived home just a few days ago and immediately went to work preparing for Ozzfest. We fly to Seattle in just a few days. Just this morning we loaded the semi and sent it on its way. There’s a million behind the scenes stories, bloopers and blunders to tell, and I promise they will see the light of day in part 2 of the Sacrament DVD, but for now, I gotta get some rest! If you’re able to, come say hi on Ozzfest. Help us and many of the bands continue to enlighten and push metal further than it’s ever been. We plan on putting on our best show yet and what the hell – even if you hate us we’ll make sure you get you money’s worth!!!

Ozzfest is slated to begin on July 12 in Seattle, Washington.

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