Unwritten Law Guitarist Injured By Bomb Attack

Steve Morris, the guitarist from , was injured at home last night as a result of a personal attack. A homemade bomb allegedly planted by his neighbor exploded and caused injury to Morris, a security guard and a local police officer. Morris sustained injuries to his arm and eardrums. As a result, Unwritten Law is canceling their next couple of shows.

Morris states, “He planned this for a week and tried to kill me with a bomb. I can’t believe someone would go to these lengths over a domestic dispute about noise levels. I’m sorry we have to cancel shows and disappoint our fans because of this vindictive individual.”

The neighbor was arrested and taken into custody. Unwritten Law will resume touring in support of their album, Elva, when Morris recovers from his injuries. Their current single “Up All Night” is # 14 on the Modern Rock Chart and is the follow-up to their # 1 hit song, “Seein’ Red.”

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