Unlistenable Creed Fills ‘Non-Fag White-Rock Requisite’

Eric Davidson of the Cleveland Free Times examined what he believes is an inexplicable popularity of that he describes originates from, “There are a lot of jocks. Just like it kind of surprises people to learn the Eagles’ Greatest Hits is the best-selling record ever, Creed’s success seems surprising. But remember, frat parties can get messy. A dude moves into the frat in the fall. He buys his Creed, Staind, Doors and other brother-approved “non-fag” white-rock requisites. First weekend, the party gets a little rowdy, CDs get tossed in and out of the five-disc changer, get stepped on or kicked under the couch. Saturday morning, after the hangover subsides, out comes dad’s credit card, and a second copy of the Creed record is bought. Freetimes.com has since removed the article.

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