Unintentional Harbingers

Jeff Inman of Las Vegas CityLife caught up with frontman Geoff Rickly who talked about the group being put in the position as the anointed harbinger of emo’s mainstream. “We’re starting to figure this whole thing out,” Rickly admitted. The singer is just taking everything as it comes, hopefully figuring out how he ended up in this position. “You know, I’d definitely like it if we did well. I think everyone wants that, and we have a lot of pressure to do so,” Rickly said. “But even if we bomb, that’s OK. We’d still keep doing this. We all really want to do this for a long time and do it the way we want to, not the way someone else expects us to. We want to be more than some pop explosion.” The full story at lasvegascitylife.com has since been removed.

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