underOATH’s McTague On New Project, Marriage Counseling & God

Timmy McTague of underOATH posted the following bulletin to fans on Myspace on Friday (July 6):

Hey everyone, I’m sitting in my living room right now and thought of how weird it is that if I write something down in this box more than half a million people would see it..and that’s weird to me. Nonetheless, here I am. Cornerstone this past weekend was amazing. It always blows my mind watching my friends and us playing to that many people in a field in nowhere, IL…so cool. I’d like to thank all of the dudes who made that stuff happen for us…they know who they are and our show couldn’t have happened without them. I’ve just started producing a project called Preson this past week. We have gotten half of the drums done and it’s sounding super cool. Tommy (Preson) is the worship leader at my church, and although most of you are cringing I assure you he’s not a typical christian and most definitely not a typical christian song writer. It’s super folk influenced, and super moving. I hope to have something for you all to listen to sometime in the next few weeks. I also just did my first 2hour marriage counseling session with my finacee Elizabeth yesterday. It’s amazing seeing how far you’ve come and how much further there is to go in life and in a relationship with someone. I really felt God’s wisdom in all of it and would encourage anyone who’s planning on getting married to do some counseling of their own. It’s a humbling thing to recognize you don’t have what it takes and need to rely on other people’s wisdom and advice, and more than that God’s grace in your life to make it in life. I hope you all are well. Be blessed and may you see God in all things.


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