underOATH Hard At Work On New Record, 5 Songs Done

underOATH keyboardist Christopher Dudley checked in with the band’s MySpace friends on Saturday (June 5) with the following bulletin:

Hey all!! I know it has been a long time since I’ve been on here, so I just wanted to write you all to give you a little bit of an update of whats going on with us!

As of now, we are hard at work on our new record, and I have to say it is by far my favorite stuff we have ever written. We have about 5 songs done at this point and we are planning on hitting the studio in March!

I know when were in the studio it seems like a very slow time since were not on tour, but I assure you were working our butts off to write the best record we can, so hang in there with us, cause when the records done, we will be back out there playing shows and hanging with you guys as much as we can!

On a side note, I have been playing mad video games on my off time, and I think everyone on the planet needs to buy call of Duty 4. Best game ever. Just sayin. If anyone’s interested in killing some time with me online, you should hit me up! (CougarBufay)

Hope all of you have a great day, im out the door to get some amazing BBQ and do man things in the garage today. Peece!


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One thought on “underOATH Hard At Work On New Record, 5 Songs Done

  1. josh says:

    You didn’t accept my request Chris! haha. Lets play, my gamertag: TheRareJoshK

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