U2 Wins Record Of The Year For ‘Walk On’

U2 'Walk On'

walked away with the record of the year at Wednesday night’s Grammy awards in Los Angeles. The Edge told the crowd, “Unbelievable. Wow, this is, it’s incredible. It’s so humbling to win, and being amidst so many amazing artists. And there’s so many people we need to thank, really, we didn’t get around to before because we just weren’t being very together. But I think Adam is going to help. There’s so many people. Music is a lot of collaboration, it’s about people coming together, and we’ve had the most amazing team behind us, this album. And Adam.”

After The Edge’s rambling, Adam Clayton said, “Well, this really is amazing. But it kind of takes a lot of people to keep this thing on the road and us looking this good and sounding this good. And there was a lot of people involved in our record that I’d like to thank. Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Mike Hedges, Tim Palmer, Steve Lilywhite, Bif and Julian, Richard Rainy. Chris Heney. A lot of people. Our management company, Sheila Roach, Karen Kaplan, everyone that principal management Dublin and New York, they’ve really kept us together this-year, thank you. Jimmy Ivy and everybody. Interscope and everyone at Island UK, Thank you all very much.”

Then Bono gave his thoughts telling the crowd, “Thank you very much. Can I just say that it’s an extraordinary thing that it is a gift, much more than it is craft in our case, this is a punk rock band hearing mad tunes in their head that are gospel and folk and psychedelic and hard rock, and Quincy Jones says we depend on God walking through the room more than most. And God has walked through the room on our record and I want to give thanks. Amen.”

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