U2 Performance Marred By Technical Problems

’s performance at the Video Music Awards last night was marred by technical problems prompting Bono to mention it before his set and while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Full U2 Transcript:

So MTV didn’t pay their electricity bill. Thank you! Thank you so much. To be fair, we have made a lot of dodging videos, and with a lot of dodging hair do’s and without MTV we could have kept to being a regional phenomenon. Would I like to thank and toast MTV because they still put you hive they still put us on the air and it is nice that rock can rub up against hop and pop and R & B. It’s really important. I want t to thank you for letting me rub up against you, also… this is New York City, isn’t it? We love New York City.

Some of us are living here. This is a beautiful room. New York City has given us a lot of things but the best thing it ever gave us was a punk rock group called the Ramones without whom a lot of people would never have gotten started, certainly us. And they lost Joey Ramone and I would like to give an award to the remaining Ramones who are going to appear in a very unpunk rock situation right now. A, oh let’s go!

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