Two Month Break Coming Up For QOTSA

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme tells the Glasgow Daily Record the group’s new album is in the pipeline at the end of their’s four years on the road. Before that, each of the members – including drummer Joey Castillo and guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen – plan a break to pursue side projects. Josh said: “We have 24 of our best songs whittled down from 35 but we won’t be completing them until we record because we don’t want to get sick of them,” Homme said. “We’re playing until October 31, then we’ll take two months off because we’ve been working four years straight. We’ll be working on our satellite projects. Nick’s got a band called Mondo Generator, I play drums in a band called The Eagles Of Death Metal, Lanegan has his own solo records, Troy’s in a band called Enemy and I do Desert Sessions where I take people out to the desert and we write and record music on the spot. In those two months, I’ll also go on tour with The Eagles of Death Metal and try to take three days off. But I don’t mind the work ethic. Doing Desert Sessions and Eagles of Death Metal is so good, it is off.”

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